Sun Flower Lamp


Sun Flower Lamp/Nightlight


Sunny, bright sunflower against a blue sky in a fan lamp for use as an accent piece or a nightlight. The panel is comprised of 22 pieces of glass in a lead frame. The glass panel measures 9-1/2 inches high and 7-3/4 inches wide.

The panel rests in the slot of a fan lamp base. The light bronze colored metal base measures 3-1/2 inches by 3/12 inches and stands 2-1/5 inches high with a toggle switch on the cord. Because fan lamp panels all tend to lean forward or back and need a thumb tab to hold a panel in place, I have instead fitted the panel slot in the fan lamp base with a slit oak block to hold the panel more vertical.

This lamp will take either a 7.5 watt candelabra base nightlight bulb or a 3.3 watt LED candelabra base bulb which is equal to 40 watt in a regular bulb. An LED lightbulb is included with the lamp.

Please note that nothing over 40 watts in a regular lightbulb is recommended as the direct close heat from a hotter lightbulb can damage the stained glass panel.

The pictures show the front, side and back view of the lamp, as well as the toggle switch on the cord.

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